how to get the locked keys out of the car?

Many people get there keys locked inside the car everyday, there are several ways to get them out. here we will give you some good tips, But if you have a new car i wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself, Get a Locksmith company that will do the job for you. Some Locksmiths will charge less then 100$ to unlock your car door, and if you have full coverage insurance the insurance company will give some of that money back to you.

So how do you get the keys our of a locked car?
You can try putting something between the panel of the door like a piece of wood, plastic or screw driver. Then take a hanger or a wire that is strong but flexible, make sure that the wire or hanger is long enough to reach the button or handle of your car if your car is running the best thing to do is hit the electric window button. If you have tried all of does methods and can’t get in the car then i would recommend contacting someone who can help.

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